About the Photographer

Barbarella Buchner is originally from Germany, but then spent 20 years living and working in London, UK. Working in a law firm, big city life and the whole “rat race”, however, made her decide that this was not what she wanted in her life any longer, and in 2004 she sold her East London flat, took her two cats (now three!) and moved to Lanzarote. 

After working in Puerto del Carmen as a shop assistant for a while, being a self-trained web designer since around 1997, she had no difficulty building up a client base in Lanzarote, and she has created websites for many local businesses over the last few years. Her portfolio can be found at www.canariaspace.com.

During that time she also discovered her real passion for photography, and even though not making a full-time living from it, her freelance photo and video work help keep her and her cats happy and with a roof above their heads.

Her photography reflects the love that she has for this beautiful volcanic island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean – fire and water. She feels a kindred connection with it, since her essence is also made from fire and water – an Aries (fire), with Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Pisces (water) at the time of her birth. She feels that she belongs here and has found her “true home”…